Greek music is distinct in its instrumentation, beat, and flow. But nothing distinguishes it more than the beautiful sound of the Bouzouki.

At GreekFest, we’re proud to feature bands that embody the feeling of Greece for all to enjoy.


POSEIDON is one of the top Greek musical groups in North America. This critically-acclaimed band, based in Ottawa, consists of five members:

  • Chris Pezoulas (lead singer, clarinet, flute & saxophone)
  • Nick Pantieras (keyboards, bass)
  • Tony Pantieras (bouzouki, baglama, Tzoura)
  • Nick Nikolakakos (guitar)
  • Taso Pavlou (drums).

POSEIDON plays both contemporary and traditional Greek music from a wide variety of popular Greek singers and the band has also composed and recorded original music.

They have performed at dances, festivals, televisions shows and concerts from all across North America.

The band has recorded three albums; “Laikes Stigmes” (1992) and “OPA!” (1994, re-released 1998), and “TORA” (2001).

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Alexandros Bastoulis started playing keyboard at the age of five and started working professionally as a keyboardist/vocalist at the age of 15. He always had a passion for music and continues to pursue and enjoy it just as much as ever.

  • Foula has always had a love and passion for singing. She is a natural talent who simply does it because she enjoys it.
  • Peter Korbis has been playing the drums since he was a child and enjoys playing with different bands of all kinds of genres. From rock bands to Greek bands, he has been a professional drummer for over 30 years.
  • Achilles Pitsios is an impressively talented musician who is an incredibly versatile guitarist and has been performing professionally for over 30 years in multiple bands of almost every genre.
  • Angelo Rougalas is the youngest member of the band and always hungry and ambitious for more. Angelo has been playing Bouzouki since his early teens and  was always supported and encouraged by his parents to pursue music and the instrument he loves.

Traditional dance is deeply ingrained in Hellenic Culture. Our history is not only communicated and passed down through spoken word, but through the visual language of dance. Not only is the movement important, but so is the accompanying song whose lyrics focus on a number of topics and occasions. These include village society and daily life, relationships, loss, hope, war, and spirituality. Each region in Greece is unique and identifiable in its instrumentation and its traditional costume. We look forward to presenting to you the importance and relevance of folklore in our culture.


The Hellenic School of Traditional Dance consists of young children to young teenagers that learn the fundamentals of Greek dancing from various regions of the country. These groups practice weekly throughout the year and most will be highlighting their efforts for you at GreekFest!


The Odyssey Dance Troupe is the premiere dance group of the Hellenic Community of Ottawa. Performances consistently focus on selected regions of Greece and are enriched through authentic music and traditional costumes local to the region.

The group has performed across Canada and even in Greece. Refer to the schedule for performance dates and times.


GreekFest’s world-famous Zorba Show is a treat for both young and old. It takes the audience back to a time when locals would head to their local tavernas to drown their sorrows away in drink and dance. The term “Zorba” was made famous by the 1960s film Zorba the Greek. Since then, the theme music from the movie is recognized worldwide and is a tune that conjures up images of Greece to all who hear it.

The Zorba Show has entertained Ottawa for many years, giving the crowds a show full of acrobatics, fire, and of course, plate breaking! A show full of high-energy, passion, and even humour, made complete with the distinctive sound of the bouzouki. It is an experience that can’t be missed! Catch it nightly at 8:30 p.m.


At Ottawa GreekFest, we take pride in showcasing not only our own Greek culture, but those around the world!

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